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Symptoms that indicate a low level of emotional intelligence


Introduction: The position of coaching or mentoring has increased in recent years. Leaders need multiple skills to understand and interact with others. Emotional intelligence is one of these multiple management and teamwork skills. In a time when the foundation of management is moving toward empathy, the ability to acquire and enhance emotional intelligence also becomes essential. Given the [...]

How to talk to irrational people?


Logically speaking to irrational people Dealing with irrational people may be difficult because they abandon reason and focus on one particular point. Unfortunately, we all have at least one irrational person in our lives, but you can actually face them if they are not mentally challenged. You can use specific techniques to connect with these people and even [...]

Earning success by applying communication skills


Why communication skills are important for success? Each employee will spend an average of 44 hours a week at work per week, and according to research done at any given hour, an individual will average an average of 50 minutes to interact with others. Is it beyond doubt that communication skills are the most important factor in success [...]

How to strengthen your verbal communication? (7 methods)


Effective factors on verbal communication Note this: "The reactive nervous mechanisms associated with the increasing number of empirical studies in the field of direct attention capability and mental effort alter the function of the brain." Interestingly? Actually, it was not very interesting; in fact, many of the words you have read are not recorded in your brain; in [...]

Teamwork Problems and Solutions to It


Teamwork, due to its nature, may sometimes encounter problems, for example, team members feel that they are not very effective or have problems with teammates. This can have a negative impact on team performance and team members' abilities. Therefore, we decided to introduce this problem to the problems of teamwork and solutions presented by the University of Queens [...]

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