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How to be creative?
The statistics show that 91% of people think creativity is for personal life and 83% say creativity is necessary for professional life, but only 25% of us think we are creative. But we all are like creative children, and we can awaken creativity more easily than we imagine. How to be creative? Creativity and innovation do not just mean creating an art work or scientific discoveries, but a different look to your surroundings, finding a fresh solution to problems, and being unique in terms of creativity.
In this section, 6 habits of successful people who help you increase your creativity and make you more successful in your personal and professional lives.

We suggest that you read the following tutorial for further details:

– Creativity, another look

1- Listen to criticism

The Pixar animation studio founder Ed Catmull says films such as the Toy Stories and iPhone Monster have succeeded in listening to criticism in their colleagues’ production.
Do not be afraid to hear criticisms and feedback. MICHELLE MILLIS CHAPPEL says he worked for many years as a psychologist, singer, songwriter, and innovation adviser and crew workshop until some of my friends warned me that working in different parts would reduce my focus and quality of work. Is. It was right for them because I realized that most of my songs and speeches in workshops had the same message. So I thought to myself why I would not talk about creativity in my concerts and not sing in the workshops? My audience was in love with this new method.
Ask your trusted people to criticize you and listen to their suggestions. How to be creative? Listening to criticisms

2- Follow the path of destiny

Paulo Quillo, an “Alchemist” writer, was taken to the psychological center by his parents because they wanted Paulo to be engineered. Michelangelo’s father was beaten when he saw him painting because he wanted his son to be a carpet businessman. Unfortunately, most of our professionalism and incentive for innovation, because of the expectations of others, are destroying us.
Gina was a secretary and she was attending creative meetings because she felt disappointed. He used toys in the past and he always watched Dave and Golbee, but his fiancée had thrown away all his toys, which made Gina uncomfortable. At these meetings, the counselor asked him to protect him from being removed from the world of childhood. Three months later, Jina became a kindergarten coach.
Creativity is cultivated in our time to receive it instead of moving away from our emotions. What makes your curiosity?

3. Trust in the inner sense
After getting out of Reed University, Steve Jobs began learning calligraphy. “When I first designed the Macintosh, I thought with myself that if at that time I did not go out of Reed University and did not learn calligraphy, the Mac had never had such features.” The learning of the Buddhist mind and calligraphy gave Jobs the aesthetic sense that still products Apple distinguishes from other products.
For creativity, instead of following the “dues”, like Jobs, you will be aware of your inner sense and follow them up and think that what you do if you listen to the quiet voice within you. How to be creative? According to the inner sense.

4. The development of talents
Jimmy Hendricks not only had a lot of talent in guitar but also always practiced, and because of this, he became a great guitarist who constantly strengthened his innate talent. You, like Jamie, have to recognize and nurture your intrinsic capabilities.
Amy was a seller who thought she would do nothing good. His advisor found that Amy had a lot of talent in choosing beautiful clothes and encouraged her to work in the clothing store to use her talent. After a while Amy was a successful seller in the store.
What is your intrinsic talent? Explore within yourself to recognize your skills and strengthen them. How to be creative? By developing innate skills.

5. Overcoming obstacles and failures

Opera Winfrey, who failed at the start of his career as a news editor, continued to work hard until he was able to make television shows for 25 years. He says there is nothing in the name of failure. The failure of life’s effort is to change our direction. Facing obstacles is part of your growth for the better.
When you fail and you continue to work, you progress and succeed.

6. Rest and energy renewal
Studies at the University of Al Ain show that resting leads to productivity and increased work quality. It is said that Albert Einstein developed a bicycle theory of relativity. A 15-minute walk around your home boosts creativity. Doing things like gardening, jogging, swimming, and showering will cause new solutions to problems for your mind.
If your mind is disturbed and needs some relaxation, walk around. How to be creative? With rest and energy renewal.