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What are the characteristics of an effective and successful leader?
The ability and characteristics of the successful leader are somewhat intrinsic, but everyone can learn how to make the leadership more effective. We all know that today the world of business is changing rapidly, so individuals and organizations must keep pace with these changes. The big leaders see these changes, and with these changes, the organization is moving forward in the right direction. To be effective, you need to learn a few skills:

self assessment
Effective leaders constantly assess their strengths and weaknesses; they ask themselves: What do I like to do? What am i doing What are my weak points? What do I not like doing?

Knowledge does not weaken your weaknesses, but it allows you to delegate the weaknesses you have to the ability to do and to reach your common goals. Successful leaders continue to recruit people who complement their skills and abilities, instead of believing that they can do all they can. Working on weak points increases your leadership ability. Self-assessment is one of the most important features of an effective leader.

Pay attention to others
Do you know what your employees are about you? Effective leaders know. They have an effective relationship with their colleagues and team members and they fully regard their views. Pay attention to their behavior in order to know what others are saying about you. Do your colleagues feel comfortable with you? Or when they enter the room, they interrupt their conversation?

You can also ask them what they think about you. You might say that you do not pay attention to their opinions or do not see their efforts at work. If you create a friendly environment, you can ask your employees and colleagues about their abilities and weaknesses; they will surely welcome it.

Answers to the needs of the group and awareness of the organization’s goals
To have a strong team, you need to know the goals and abilities of each team member, and you also need to know what they expect from you as their leader, in which case you can respond to their needs. Effective leaders know the goals of the organization and have good solutions to these goals. Successful leaders, with full knowledge of the organization, play an important role in the growth of the organization.

Problem-solving skills
Effective leaders should be able to solve the organization’s problems and use market opportunities for the organization’s progress, and it must have the ability to analyze the issues. They should not be indifferent to the organization’s issues, but they should be able to count on their work team members.

As successful leaders constantly gain new skills and learn specialized techniques in their field of work, they determine time and even enough money to advance their workforce; they help their team members develop and learn new skills.

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