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Using mindfulness to overcome stress
Have you ever felt you can’t block your thoughts? Always worried and involved in how not to worry? We all experience these situations sometimes. There are other ways to overcome stress besides smoking. Nowadays, science has proven that old methods are very effective in overcoming stress; do you know what we mean? “Mindfulness”.

Certainly, no one has ever explained to you the mind of consciousness, and you probably don’t know how to deal with stress. We tell you the tips to use this method.

Your thoughts are not yours
What is mindfulness? Ronald Siegel has clearly answered this question in The Mindfulness Solution. He says:

Mindfulness means awareness of current experience and acceptance.

You may say to yourself: I am aware, living, accepting my work. But we tell you: no, you’re wrong. Do you know why? Because you are worried about the future then you are not living in the present and you are getting angry when you are in traffic because the world is not like what you have in mind so you have not accepted the conditions.

Mindfulness says that one of our mistakes is that we take our thoughts very seriously; we think we are “our thoughts” and our thoughts are “us”. This is one of the reasons for our constant worry and negative emotions, because in our thoughts we take the world more seriously than we should.

We all know that sometimes, for example, when we are tired, angry or sick, we come up with ridiculous thoughts that we do not take into consideration and do not take them seriously. But mindfulness says you have to take it a step further because these ridiculous thoughts can increase your stress. “We have to fight irrational and ridiculous thoughts,” says psychologist Albert Alice. This is very effective in overcoming stress, but it’s a little difficult because you have to be very rational to fight them.

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7. Look, but don’t judge
Sometimes it is not easy to fight irrational thoughts, mindfulness recommends abandoning those thoughts. Who am I?

“Mindfulness teaches us not to fall into the trap of abandoning negative thoughts.”

You can’t shut off your brain, and even if you’ve been meditating for years, you can’t completely clear your mind; but you see those annoying thoughts, you recognize them, but you don’t fall into their traps. Practicing mindfulness does not mean emptying the mind but accepting our experiences and thoughts as they are, in that we increase our endurance. Scientific research shows that after 6 weeks of mindfulness meditation practice, people feel better and this method has been very effective in overcoming stress.

Don’t be ignorant of the world around you
One of the main exercises in mindfulness is meditation, which scientific studies have shown to be very effective in increasing attention. But meditation can be difficult and time-consuming, is there another way? Yes.

The next time you are worried, remember that your thoughts are not real but life is real. Pay attention to your emotions and the world around you (we don’t mean your cellphone, of course!). What was the smell of the tea you drank? Ever noticed the people around you? Do not be ignorant of them immerse yourself in the world around you.

This method of mindfulness teaches us not to take any thought seriously and focus on the realities that exist now and in the moment; Walk. Instead of getting upset by the subway delays or congestion, look at other passengers and the design of the station and wait for your inner emotions while you wait. There is always something interesting to do, just look at what is happening around you now.

2. Choose a name for your thoughts
Instead of running away, struggling and not paying attention, accept your thoughts and write them down, and then pay attention to your senses, your breathing, the person sitting next to you, and the cup of tea you hold. Choose “name” for your mind-boggling thoughts. Siegel suggests choosing ridiculous names for these thoughts to make them irrelevant.

“Before giving up on annoying thoughts, you can name them in groups of doubt, judgment, criticism, obsession, fantasy, and planning. The right name or group is not important at all, what is important is that they do not repeat themselves. “When you categorize your thoughts, don’t pay attention to them again if you find them to be ridiculous.”

It may sound ridiculous, but all of these are very effective at overcoming stress and distraction. If you are also familiar with ways to overcome stress, please share your experiences with us. Understanding the methods of overcoming stress control in the stress management web site provided by engineer Hassan Rahimian Esfahani will certainly help you a lot in the path of stress control.