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What is a resume?
It has also come to your mind that you need to have a resume to hire and ask yourself what the resume is and what points should be mentioned or what should be prominently displayed so that employers’ It drew.

In this article, we’ll describe what the resume is and how to write a resume and what to do in resume writing.

A resume is a text that can range from one to several pages, in which information is given, such as the academic background and the work of individuals, as well as its personal capabilities and information, and is a kind of promotion in which it presents its characteristics to the employers, Having this basic information can evaluate his abilities and skills to hire and select the best option available.

In fact, the resume shows a mental image of your abilities and activities in the area of ​​the job, and it will be possible for employers to be convinced by studying which one is best suited to the interview for volunteers.

The first step to hiring a job is to have a resume, and individuals will send resumes to employers to compete with other volunteers in this job, and they will, with their career and academic background, try to identify employers They are convinced that they can be the most suitable option in the job position.

In most cases, for hiring, a large number of CVs are sent, which the employer only reads a limited number, and if a resume is vague and unbiased, the person will not be invited to an interview. So, in the resume, the information about the sufficient skills and background in the job field should be documented in an orderly and efficient manner.

Notable items in the resume
1. Personal information

Personal information includes full name, full birthday, marital status, mobile number, email address and address.

In most cases employers, based on the necessity and position of the job, emphasize in the recruitment announcement that their resume must have a photo.

Also, if you use a photo in your resume, that photo must be appropriately staffed and staffed.

2. Education and skills

List your academic records by mentioning where to get your degree, and if you have good grades, insert it in your resume and, if you have conditional, do not express it, write only what is true and avoid lying, because you Once your employer finds out, your resume will be rejected.

3. Work experience

In this section, you must provide information about your abilities that are relevant to the job you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a job in the field of marketing, you should know how to focus on the ability to converse and convince the customer.

4 Favorites

Individuals should note that the information in this section should be short and comprehensive and apply more to people who have less than a career record and age and the importance of this section for people with high professional backgrounds.

In this section, you must express your interest in areas such as sports and art, and if you are innovating in that field, mention it but do not mention your solitary leisure, and if you read the book, name a few of your favorite books.

5. Capabilities

Mention your fluency in reading and writing foreign languages, especially English, and your computer skills like office proficiency, and you can also add it to the list if you are skilled in driving.

6. Reagents

This section is required only if you are asked to enter your refferent’s name. Otherwise, it is not necessary. You should also mention the name of the maximum of two references, one of which is an academic candidate, such as a university professor, and the other can be a professional representation of his previous colleagues.

7. About me

In this section, which is usually above the resume and distinguishes the individual from another, you must summarize your important skills and abilities, and when you introduce yourself, you have confidence and point your goals.

Resume types
1 Time resume

In the timeline, history and skills of the individuals are written, respectively, of the latest skills and skills and the beginning of this resume is from the latest history of individuals.

This resume method is one of the common ways in the resume because the employers are aware of the latest work done by the volunteers, which is why they prefer it to other types of resume, and if a person with a lot of career backgrounds has this type of resume for him The best option.

2 Resume

In the resume, emphasis is placed on the skills and abilities of the individual in the field, and the difference with the timeline is that the date and time does not matter.


In this resume, the specialties and skills of individuals are examined and the history of individuals is not evaluated, and individuals only mention the skills they have gained for the employer, and in the end refer to their background and experience.

This resume is suitable for people with limited experience or who decide to change their job, and individuals can demonstrate their limited experience by showing their skills and abilities.

3 Combined resume

This resume is a combination of resume and time in such a way that at the top of the resume is a list of individual abilities and skills, followed by the work records of individuals that can be used to report their competencies and career history And the employer also has access to both information.

4. Resume infographic

This resume consists of graphical elements (color, image, graph, etc.) and can be with text or without text.

Normal rhymes are used to represent individual records and skills and are written in the form of a text, but in the resume of infographics, the color elements, layout, formatting, layout and different fonts are used to represent the information in the best way.

5 Resume with profiles

A resume with a profile, experiences, skills, goals, and decisions of individuals in the field of occupation is expressed in terms of a limited number of sentences.

If people have many experiences in the field, they will describe it in a few limited terms for the manager or employer, and if they do not have a lot of backgrounds and experience, they can list their abilities and skills.

6. Purposeful resume

In a targeted resume, only the skills associated with the job are mentioned, and you should not use previous ones to write, and you should highlight the important points of the same job.

So by writing a targeted resume, the employer can make a better decision to select the right people for that job, and you should always remember that. The employer will consider how to write your resume before examining whether you are suitable for that job. Takes.

7. Unconventional resume

Unconventional resume is one of the types of resume, in which graphic design, diagrams and other visual elements may be used.

This resume can be online, printed, video or even at LinkedIn with images, which can be a great option for artistic and creative jobs as they want to create a visual design or build a website page, their abilities and skills. In that context.

8. Mini resume

A mini-resume contains brief information about the job and abilities of the applicant, which is only appropriate for the job in question.

In most cases, the same is a standard resume, and these mini-résumes are more likely to be used for job vacancies and work exhibitions, and it’s time to use this type of resume to communicate with many people and want to give your manager information, which is probably among They are

If you are looking for a job, a good resume will help you in this and never forget that the resume is a post that shows your skills and background to the manager who never saw you and does not know, then in the resume You need to use the precision you need to display your merit.

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