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Each of the two types of employment or freelance has its own advantages and disadvantages and can in turn be effective. Which job is best for you depends on your personality and how you want to work and which job you are comfortable with. Fixed and telework based on a variety of criteria such as: flexibility, job security, job control and the like. we do.

The difference between a freelancer and an employee

Nowadays, the difference between a freelancer and a freelancer is not clear, but in general, an employee has fixed wages, contracts and insurance and must go to work at a certain time and a freelancer does not have time to go to work, many Freelancers do their work at home, where they have no fixed wages, and have the opportunity to make a career.

Flexibility in Fixed-Wage Employees In our country, many employees work more than the relevant standards. These standards vary from country to country, usually between 9am and 5pm. In our country these hours are more than 7 hours and in some cases employees are required to contact their company or workplace by email after they finish their work.

Although part-time jobs tend to be less time-consuming, generally full-time employees with fixed salaries are usually employed in unstable environments. While some employers try their best to take time off from their employees for major events, statistics show that most of those who spend most of their time in the family are fired and most of them are women. Employers have requested leave from their employers. Flexibility in Freelancers As a freelancer or freelancer you will have a lot of flexibility. You can have more time with your family, organize your work and set up your own work hours, and you do not have to work at a specific time, but you are responsible for your own work and have the right to set your own work hours. Unlike employees who do not have enough time to work in government offices and centers, freelancers can easily do social work during their telework. You can get started after you have agreed with your employer on the working time. You have the right to choose your own work time, but this does not mean limiting your time to home and family all the time, but you have to deliver at a specific time that you have agreed with your employer.

What are the benefits of being an employee?

When you are employed in government agencies, you have certain rights and privileges right from the start. These are: health insurance, retirement insurance, paid leave and hourly leave. These benefits will greatly affect your mental health as well as your financial situation. You also have a fixed monthly salary and your salary will not increase or decrease for any reason. The Benefits of Being a Freelancer When you choose freelance and teleworking as your main job, you have the full power to set and define your own work hours, and then organize your work accordingly.

So one of the benefits of freelancing is the timing of your work. Somehow you are the boss of your job and you are responsible for your own work. Also, as a freelancer you no longer have to obey the strict rules and regulations of the official, but you have relative flexibility in your work and you are not prohibited by the employer. In teleworking, unlike a fixed job, salaries are not fixed and variable, meaning that you receive pay as you progress in your work and gain experience and your salaries can always be reduced or increased, in fact there is the possibility of career advancement for you. And you will not have a fixed position. Other benefits of teleworking include lowering unemployment, reducing traffic and energy consumption, creating employment for all segments of society including the disabled and housewives, promoting rural development and social justice, reducing staffing attendance problems, attention To the quality of work, not the presence of employees at specified hours, the provision of services nationally and internationally as well as geographical expansion, the selection of staff without geographical restrictions, the reduction of workplace stress and everyday social interactions, and the preservation of the environment through reduced air pollution . Disadvantages of Work in the Official and Governmental Environment As an employee in your workplace, you are controlled by the employer and will not have the freedom to act, although in some cases your employer may grant you relative freedom of action, as well as the company or office in which you work. That you have rules that you are required to adhere to.

So you are deprived of the freedom to work in a fixed job, you have a job as a regular employee at your place of work, and you cannot set your own work time, you also have a fixed salary and the opportunity to increase your salary unless conditions There is nothing special for you. Employee commuting to the workplace also causes traffic congestion on the streets and ultimately environmental pollution, as well as commuting to and from the workplace and consuming a great deal of energy, including some strata of society, including patients, the disabled and the elderly. They are deprived of a fixed job.

Disadvantages of Telework and Freelance Telework Along with all its benefits, it also has its disadvantages; you may feel isolated over time or your home environment may not be suitable, such as the sound of a television set or high traffic. Outdoor events may also affect your mental health, you will not have the opportunity to interact with others, other people will know less about you, and there may be news about your company that you may be aware of. Which one of these jobs is closest to your personality? According to a character you know yourself, after researching and analyzing the disadvantages and benefits of these two jobs you will find out which job is best for you and is closer to your personality, generally good or bad in both relative positions. And it depends on your interest in each of them.