Project Description

Teamwork, due to its nature, may sometimes encounter problems, for example, team members feel that they are not very effective or have problems with teammates. This can have a negative impact on team performance and team members’ abilities. Therefore, we decided to introduce this problem to the problems of teamwork and solutions presented by the University of Queens in Australia (1).

Teamwork problems
1. The work is not completed in due time
To ensure that things are done according to planning, consider the following:
Design timetables that are agreed upon by all members
Ask all members to report on the work they have done in each session
When needed, help each other get things done

2. Ineffective communication
To ensure effective communication between members, the following will help:
Specific issues that may affect effective communication between members. Decide how to resolve such issues: for example, if there is a blunder between the members, turning the discussion on is very helpful.

3. The struggle between the counterparts
It is important to ensure that dissenting opinions are effectively resolved between members:
Respect the ideas of other members of the team. Show that you are paying attention to the opinions of other members, and if you disagree with it, express your opposition in a completely polite and respectful manner.
Know that working in a team requires a lot of negotiation and compromise.
If the dispute is raised, discontinue the meeting and postpone the decision to the next meeting
(It is suggested to study, Article: Conflict Management at Work Sessions (1)

As Shahin Tabari, Managing Director of Chargon Company in Vajad, says, “The Effective Leadership of Working Groups” says:
To succeed, we must believe that teamwork is more than just individual

4. Dominic characters
In order to ensure that a particular person does not dominate the group discussions, they must:
Set a time limit for people’s speeches
Make sure each member has time to submit comments without any disruption
Note to all members that it is important to pay attention to opinions and express their opinions

5. Failure to focus on work
It’s important to ensure that members are focused on the work

Identify specific tasks for each part of your time
First do your thing, then go for lunch
Keep the work environment relaxed under any circumstances.