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How to deal with untrustworthy fellow?
If you can trust people, the world is not better? Your work environment is not getting better? But that’s not the case, and unfortunately, there are unbelievers around us who need to learn how to deal with them. It is very difficult to communicate with these people, especially during the recruitment process, and it is even more difficult to communicate daily with the boss and unreliable colleagues.

There are some ways that you can have a good deal with these people. If you treat them like this, you will eventually get hurt, so the best way is to learn how to manage such situations for your own mental health and well-being. In this regard, we will continue to look at ways of dealing with unreliable people in different situations:

We all may sometimes have colleagues who can not trust them. Some of them rumor over others for promotion.

Whatever these people do, you should be racked up and explained to them, as you respect your colleagues, you also expect them to be respected. Tell them if they are having trouble with you and your job straight to you. Establishing an effective communication can help you. If there’s still a problem, you can share with your boss or human resources department. Of course, you should not expect the information to remain confidential

Employment firms
There are a lot of jobseekers and it’s very hard to distinguish between good and bad. Some of these honest companies offer you decent job opportunities, while others are more cautious about the job and company they are looking for. Of course, this prudence and concealment are not their fault, because some employers do not allow them to disclose the name of the company.

However, jobseekers should give you a clear picture of the job so you can decide if it works for you. Do not fear asking questions about the job. You may not find the answer to all your questions, but you can get enough information and go to the interview safely.

The interviewer
When you go to an employer for a job interview – whether that person is a member of a human resources team, a boss or a colleague – you want to be in the best possible condition.

If the conversation is a bit bitter and you’ve missed that trust, it’s probably not the right place to work for you. Answer as many questions as you can on the positive path, smile and thank them at the end. If you hear an insulting comment, respond slowly, because the first encounter will always remain in the mind.

Human Resources Officer
If you speak and interview someone who is responsible for deciding to hire, act cautiously. If you feel the person is unreliable, check all aspects carefully. As you expect honesty from the interviewer, you also have to be honest with them, and if they are not honest, do not enter them because they are ultimately losers. If you tell the staff member, based on your abilities, their suggestions do not seem logical, but there should be enough reasons to prove this. The better you use the more logical reasons for your conversation.

head of
This is a sad fact that some presidents are not trustworthy. If this does not matter to you, you can only pay attention to your job, and if you need help with your work, ask for senior staff and learn how to do your job and, if necessary, only inform the boss of the results.

It’s hard to deal with unreliable people inside and outside the office, but this is also part of the reality of life. Do your best to make the situation look positive.

Ultimately, if you find that you’ve found the whole person and those conditions create a lot of stress for you, you should make a difference. Maybe we can not change our colleague or leader, but we can change our environment and vision.

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