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8 No sign of effective communication at work
To succeed at work, you need more than your job skills; you need to have a good and effective relationship with your colleagues; especially, you need to know what your bosses are. You may have a lot of skills in your own career, but if you do not have effective communication and no one will work with you, your professional life gets tougher every day.

In this article, we describe 8 signs of people who are unable to communicate effectively; if you have these symptoms then your credibility and career prospects may be at stake.

1- Know management as your enemy. If you do not have effective communication with managers and if you believe that employees who have good relations with managers are flattering and you think that the relationships between employees and managers should be “us against them”, then this attitude will likely affect your relationships with managers and they will See as an enemy. No one wants to work all day with his enemies and even pay them money.

2. At least once a month, say “This is not my work”. There are times when you feel that you are not the right person to do it, for example, when you are heavily involved with the work that is prioritized by the boss. If you find that you regularly refrain from performing your duties, you will probably find yourself hard at work. The definition of jobs and responsibilities is not comprehensive, and most people usually do things that are not in their area of ​​responsibility.

3. You request the bosses to make a bid. Occasionally, what the bosses say is a suggestion that you can accept or not, but most of the time, the presidents expect to do what you have been asking for. If you disregard the requests that you disagree with as a rule, after a while, your boss realizes that you need to carefully check your work to ensure that you have performed that part of your tasks you do not like. Definitely not feeling good about your work under the magnifying glass.

4. Your presidents are reluctant to give you a reference. If there’s a reason to do this when you ask for the names of your presidents and they will not answer your call or support you. Most of the heads feel responsible for giving the reference to their former employees, so if they are not treated appropriately, you should rethink about your relationship with the bosses because you probably have not had an effective relationship with them in the past.

5. Instead of letting you usually apologize. It is true that as you progress in your work, you expect to act independently in many areas, but if you want to make a critical decision, then most of the presidents expect to be involved in this decision. If you make decisions on a regular basis to know that bosses may not approve them and only hope to forgive you, your employer may find you a high risk person, imagining you are not communicating with others.

6. Instead of finding a way to do things, you are looking for some excuse for not doing them. If you always use the phrase “It’s not workable”, you should know that there is no effective and effective relationship with your colleagues and you have a very devastating impact on your team. Sometimes, when individuals defend an argument, they feel they play an important role, but not to say persistently or to reject opinions, discourage people and ruin ideas and new designs.

7. Always have a negative feeling about your work. Sometimes fatigue is normal. But if you feel bad about your job and company everyday, this negative feeling will probably affect your job and your quality of life. If this is the case, then the best way is to find out if there is a rational way to improve the situation and to create a sense of satisfaction with your job or that it is better to change your job. If you do not take this decision yourself, your job will ultimately be yours.

8. You do not like any of the presidents you have ever had. If you are never satisfied with working with the directors you work with, it’s probably your permanent feature. This may be due to a lack of satisfaction, unrealistic job expectations, a problem with a managerial position and power, a failure to connect with others, or anything else, but you should think and see this. Find and fix it or not.

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