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The speed of business growth in the modern world and the intensity of competition in an industry or a branch of the business has grown so much that we have to use various tools to win today’s competitive space. One of these tools is the use of “creativity” in designing, implementing, and implementing ideas that come to our minds every day, but many of these ideas are either already done, or are new and new ones that need to be implemented and A powerful presence in the world of ideas on the market uses special tools; a tool called creativity.

What is creativity?
There are many definitions for creativity. Many people think that creating a new one, creativity; if not, then every creator does not originate from creativity. Perhaps creativity can be portrayed as an ability to generate new ideas through combining, re-applying ideas and presenting a new design. Sometimes it offers a very attractive and lovely outlet, all of which refer to as creativity, and sometimes an outlet, an idea or an inaccessible product that does not show the genius and creativity.

Often, the “first” is a sign of creativity: the first drug, the first vehicle, the first car and the first few, that shows how the owners of the idea and those who turned the idea into reality were how intelligent, capable and creative. But it’s not always the creativity and creativity for the first, but the presentation of a new design of a product or a repetitive idea can also be considered as a kind of creativity, provided that in this way, with a new look and from different holes, the subject is looked at.

For this reason, and in order to be successful in today’s competitive high-speed world, we must learn to be creative, to do better and to strengthen our creativity.

Creativity and creativity, as well as many other learnable, practicable and reinforcing capabilities. So the question that can be asked here is what are the characteristics of the creative person? How do these people reinforce their creativity?

If we want to look at the characteristics of creative people, we’re definitely looking at a high-end list of features that we have to spend on each of them in a timely manner and introduce them, but in general we can point to some of the features of these people.

Creative features
Creative people are not afraid
Many of them fear that their ideas may not be well-cooked and mocked by others, and therefore do not express it, but one feature of the creative people is their fear of expressing new opinions and ideas; even if Their ideas are not so tangled and tangible, they work on their ideas and designs to make it more sophisticated over time.

Creative people are fantasies
Imagination may be hard and unrealistic for many people, but creative people do not stop their creative thinking ideas. They allow their imagination to act freely, and in this context they will come up with many new experiences and discoveries that either turned themselves directly into an idea or become a good idea for another idea.

The limits are fugitive
One of the most prominent signs of these people is that they are fleeing from the limits. These people invent inventions and innovations in order to remove restrictions and find solutions, all of which originate from the creativity of these people.

These are just a few of the features that are seen in creative people, and naturally there are so many more; but how can you boost this creativity if you feel that you are, or are you a creative person altogether? To answer this question, we also give a few tips:

One of the things that takes people away from creativity is to think about financial goals. Just drop it off or postpone a little and think of the idea that you have in mind, regardless of financial matters. You will see that there are many more openings for the idea that you have in mind and that you think more creative.
Look at a subject or concern of different valves. Just thinking you can look at the subject with a glance and a vision, you can not challenge your creativity so try to look at the issue from different people.
Make the ideas you have in mind. It’s often seen that subjects in people’s minds remain just as much as an idea, and the output at best is a few sentences on paper. So, to make it more relevant to reality and to be more creative, try to create at least an early example of what’s in your mind.
Sometimes it is also necessary to imagine the opposite of what you have in mind to see what the result is about the subject, so try to use antagonism and do not be afraid to do this.
The things that were said are not all that you need to get creative, but it can make you a bit more creative.

What methods have you tried for creativity or creativity?

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