The Mindset Shift Organisations Need

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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein Organisations are challenged to find ways to improve their overall productivity and performance. Based on organisational culture, there is space to talk about improving. For this, the current organisational culture can be used as a starting point to [...]

How to Deal with a Mean Colleague

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When a colleague is mean to you, it can be hard to know how to respond. Some people are tempted to let aggressive behavior slide in the hopes that the person will stop. Others find themselves fighting back. When you’re being treated poorly by a coworker how can you change the dynamic? And if the behavior [...]

When the only option is virtual recruitment

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The new processes of online talent attraction are a consequence of the digital disruption we’re currently experiencing. With Virtual Recruitment different platforms are used to contact potential candidates who could fill a vacant position in the organisation.  We’re more than just our CV  When the Human Resources department decides to set in motion a Virtual Recruitment process, your digital footprint will be taken [...]

What we learned organising #HRDay The New Normal

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We recently had an extraordinary experience: we hosted a digital event for over ten thousand people, with over 30 speakers and participants as diverse as the places they connected from; this challenge to celebrate International Human Resources Day was prepared for English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese speakers.  Today we want to share, with a badge (of pride) on our chests, [...]

HRDay The New Normal: talent management celebration

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More than 35 international speakers met online to celebrate Human Resources day. May 20 was International Human Resources Day, created to celebrate professionals that every day give their best to encourage development, training, healthy work environments and friendly cultures, aiming at a good employee experience so that people can discover and achieve their purpose in a work environment.  PDA International decided to make the difference this [...]

Talent Pool, organizations prepared for the future

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One of the main challenges that companies in the area of talent management face is the time that it takes to develop people once you have taken the necessary time and resources to identify their potential. Every structured company has defined policies for the succession of their key positions. This is a way to ensure their [...]

Engaged employee, accountable team

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We recently discovered that accountability focuses on talent development in organisations, and that it defines the leader’s ability to take responsibility for results in an autonomous way. However, the application of this tool in every organisation is essential for whatever company goals and size, since it leads to great results. The only way that you can [...]