Professional Reinvention Doesn’t Mean Starting From Scratch, Does It?

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When I was studying Communication at university, there were fellow students who had initially started a different course of study, but then realised they were not happy or that it didn’t fit their purpose. Back then, changing one’s course of studies was seen as a failure.  I experienced this myself when, after graduating in Audiovisual Production, I decided I wanted [...]

Learning a skill that empowers employer branding

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Driving employee learning, development and reskilling is an important pillar of human capital management strategies, since it allows transforming knowledge and thus increases the productivity of work teams.  Considering that results are made of objectives and the path taken to reach them, a good idea is to provide employees with the tools they need to perform better and [...]

Reskilling and Upskilling Make More Sense Now

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This year, according to LinkedIn’s latest study, 51% of companies around the world plan to implement upskilling programmes in their organisations, and 47% of them plan to implement reskilling programmes.  Although these words are not new, they have gained ground during 2020. Now, how can we differentiate them?  Reskilling  Upskilling  Is the constant learning of new skills, and it has become essential for [...]

The challenge of Reskilling

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The world we live in today has accelerated a digital transformation driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, turning into a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.  In order to undergo this digital transformation, we have to learn new skills; not only technological, but also the so-called “soft skills”, which are intra personal and interpersonal skills that allow us to perform different roles.  [...]