Organisations aligned with the digital future

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When driving the digital transformation in organisations, the first step is to understand the skills the company has to start getting involved in the path towards transformation and, then, begin to plan and carry out actions.  In the annual study Aligning the organisation for its digital future, conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Business School and Deloitte, it is shown that even though over 90% of leaders in companies [...]

Are we ready for people-centred organisations?

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Organisational transformation and change are unavoidable and necessary nowadays. Adapting to dynamic environments and collaborative work teams with an agile and strategic vision is becoming a crucial skill for organisations to be more open, flexible, innovative and effective. This has been discussed by experts such as Peter Drucker and Gary Hamel. This is why we share [...]

Towards a diverse organisational culture

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“Companies with diverse teams have more possibilities of success than those with homogeneous teams,” explains María Ballesteros, manager at Hays Mexico. It’s about being free, creating a culture that starts with leaders and reaches the entire organisation, where the sense of diversity and inclusion is allowed, as happens in life. When we talk about cultural diversity in [...]