Reverse Mentoring: It is the Turn of Younger Employees

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Let’s accept it, the world has changed and, therefore, one of the major business trends consists of involving younger employees to guide experienced workers in different fields. This modality undoubtedly reverses the natural order that has followed the master-disciple bond.  In the 1990s, entrepreneur Jack Welch made reference to the dynamics of learning for General Electric based [...]

Organizations focused on developing potential

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Nowadays, mentors not only improve the mentee’s competencies and potential, but also contribute to making a difference, a change and an improvement in their personal lives. In this sense, it is important to mention that the mentoring relationship creates bidirectional benefits, and that having the figure of a mentor is something that neither organizations nor people [...]

Mentoring, from The Odyssey to reality

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Mentoring is the practice that allows the development of knowledge and potential through the help of a tutor (also known as “mentor”), who is in charge of teaching, guiding and orienting the mentee, motivating the development of their skills and capacities, so that the possibilities of successfully reaching their goals increase exponentially. This is a practical [...]