The Future of Work: 6 Trends That Will Change the World of Work After Covid-19

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In the context of this pandemic, it is undeniable that the world of work will not be the same, and everything indicates that some changes are here to stay.  This interesting work by Randstad presents: Social distancing protocols and guidelines, remote work, less mobility regarding traveling, meetings and events, impact on reputation and employer brand, and greater incidence of freelance [...]

5 Key Competencies of Effective Managers

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An effective management must have somebody that has certain essential competencies and abilities. The management reflects the type of leader behind it.  Now, what makes a manager effective? How can we determine that their management is effective? The short answer could be: because they maximise the use of available resources, minimise loss and makes the organisation profitable.  However, these [...]

How to lead a remote team effectively

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Many companies, which were forced to implement remote work, are now thinking of keeping this system for their employees. The flexibility it can provide, and even the employees’ quality of life, makes remote work attractive for both the employee and the organisation itself.  However, leading a remote team has always posed challenges. And another question arises: “Are leaders and managers ready to [...]

Do we build careers? Or do we adapt to expectations?

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There are several professional paths— in a certain way, we could even say that there are myriad of them and that possibilities are infinite. In fact, when starting a journey, whatever the profession, it is difficult, not to say almost impossible, to predict the final outcome or even the different stages we will go through with relative success or failure.  It [...]

More digitalisation, more collaborative work

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Nowadays, the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) for collaborative work, the access to the Internet and the large accessibility to social media have caused a great disruption, offering unlimited access to information through a single click.  In this sense, this reality is also part of organisations and boosts a collaborative working methodology focused on acquiring knowledge beyond individualities, taking into [...]

The importance of having the right talent in times of crisis

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In Mexico, we have been experiencing for many years now moments of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA); such living conditions have been boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This environment has definitely affected our daily lives, our ways of thinking, feeling and acting and has changed our emotional states, interests, needs and values. In many cases, our basic needs [...]

War for talent after COVID-19

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Politicians often use “big words” in their speeches. Whenever a change in society requires a bit more efforts, they call it a battle, and in times of emergency, they are immediately at war with something or someone. Well, this very political rhetoric has moved into the business world, so we in HR ended up with the WAR FOR TALENTS!      Wars always have [...]

Organisations that invest in their employees

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The perception of the term “human resources management”, which refers to the corporate practice concerning people in organisations, has evolved from a merely legal fulfilment and an administrative effort to the investment in people. We encourage companies to look beyond the notion of employment costs or considering people as goods. People should be employed to actively contribute to the results of [...]

Until further notice, testimony of an uncomfortable quarantine

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In the few moments we can go out, the view is quite distressing: people wearing masks and strange transparent face shields, long lines to enter a supermarket or a pharmacy, and of course, everyone a metre away from others: welcome to the new normal. That constant contact we used to have, even with strangers – hugging, [...]

Stop selecting talent and start attracting it

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Many organisations currently have problems to select the ideal person for a job. Many will think, “this isn’t new,” every selection area is focused on reaching the right number and being effective in their selection process, especially when that process is directly related to economic compensation. Nowadays, those processes are becoming more creative; recruiters launch recruitment campaigns on social media, workshops, and novel recruitment [...]