The Challenge of Organisational Agility

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It is important to know that agility is not limited to technological actions, as commonly believed; it must be accompanied by major behavioural changes as well as skills tied to accepting change for ensuring the sustainability of these actions. In addition, we must mention the pandemic that has accelerated many transformation processes.  Agile Management   In other publications, we discussed Agile Management as a project management methodology that [...]

Transforming organisations into having agile cultures

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The current labour market demands the incorporation of agile methodologies to processes. However, their implementation doesn’t adapt to all projects. A company’s organisational culture and level of maturity can influence that implementation. In this sense, transformation processes are not immediate. On the contrary, they take many years and resources, since both traditional and agile elements coexist [...]

Agile Culture in selection processes: Agile Recruiting

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Agile methodologies are becoming a driving force for change within organisations. What started with software development has expanded to different areas of the company and, finally, to the Human Resources department. The People Management area is beginning to use digital transformation for its recruitment processes. So let’s talk a bit about what Agile Recruiting is. First of all, [...]

Happiness aboard!

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It’s up to us to take the initiative to be happy. However, when we talk about happiness management in organisations, we’re talking about a co-responsibility between the company and the employee.   Employee happiness and motivation has a direct impact on each person’s productivity and, as a result, the company’s productivity. Working on talents’ well-being went from [...]

Learning Agility, vision of the complex environmen

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Experts describe Learning Agility as “knowing exactly what to do when you don’t know what to do” This is often better known as critical thinking. It has proven to be a highly reliable predictive competency of talent and future leaders. If our goal is to achieve success in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) environment, [...]