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Positive work environment in digital environments

A positive work environment brings diverse benefits to organisations, such as: an increase inemployee commitment, well-being and satisfaction; solid work teams and goal achievement in the best way possible, thus having an impact on productivity. Currently, when digitization takes centre stage, some aspects must be present in employee-organisation relationships.  Valuing the team: valuing employee opinions is key to maintaining a good work environment. People are an organisation’s most valuable asset. Managing problems:all companies go through [...]

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The challenge of Reskilling

The world we live in today has accelerated a digital transformation driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, turning into a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.  In order to undergo this digital transformation, we have to learn new skills; not only technological, but also the so-called “soft skills”, which are intra personal and interpersonal skills that allow us to perform different roles.  This process of skills adaptation of [...]

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The Future of Work: 6 Trends That Will Change the World of Work After Covid-19

In the context of this pandemic, it is undeniable that the world of work will not be the same, and everything indicates that some changes are here to stay.  This interesting work by Randstad presents: Social distancing protocols and guidelines, remote work, less mobility regarding traveling, meetings and events, impact on reputation and employer brand, and greater incidence of freelance work and goal-oriented work [...]

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5 Key Competencies of Effective Managers

An effective management must have somebody that has certain essential competencies and abilities. The management reflects the type of leader behind it.  Now, what makes a manager effective? How can we determine that their management is effective? The short answer could be: because they maximise the use of available resources, minimise loss and makes the organisation profitable.  However, these 3 approaches constitute what is expected [...]

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How to lead a remote team effectively

Many companies, which were forced to implement remote work, are now thinking of keeping this system for their employees. The flexibility it can provide, and even the employees’ quality of life, makes remote work attractive for both the employee and the organisation itself.  However, leading a remote team has always posed challenges. And another question arises: “Are leaders and managers ready to motivate remote teams?”  In any challenge, [...]

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Do we build careers? Or do we adapt to expectations?

There are several professional paths— in a certain way, we could even say that there are myriad of them and that possibilities are infinite. In fact, when starting a journey, whatever the profession, it is difficult, not to say almost impossible, to predict the final outcome or even the different stages we will go through with relative success or failure.  It is true that, in [...]

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