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From Football To Business

Every time I address the leadership topic, I like to support my opinions with experiences from the coaching I do for football (and other sports) teams. Coaching is an individual development process in which the coach supports someone to achieve their objectives, through a set of techniques that unleash all the potential the person has. When I work with a [...]

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The Mindset Shift Organisations Need

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein Organisations are challenged to find ways to improve their overall productivity and performance. Based on organisational culture, there is space to talk about improving. For this, the current organisational culture can be used as a starting point to make the changes deemed [...]

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Professional Reinvention Doesn’t Mean Starting From Scratch, Does It?

When I was studying Communication at university, there were fellow students who had initially started a different course of study, but then realised they were not happy or that it didn’t fit their purpose. Back then, changing one’s course of studies was seen as a failure.  I experienced this myself when, after graduating in Audiovisual Production, I decided I wanted to work creating content [...]

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Data Science in talent management

Data driven companies operate and make decisions based on such data.  Data Science in HR has allowed the creation of analytical organisational models that offer a situational mapping, that is, a picture of each team, department and employee performance.  If we refer to recruiting, data helps us develop models that estimate the candidate’s performance and success rate, as well as the average [...]

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Learning a skill that empowers employer branding

Driving employee learning, development and reskilling is an important pillar of human capital management strategies, since it allows transforming knowledge and thus increases the productivity of work teams.  Considering that results are made of objectives and the path taken to reach them, a good idea is to provide employees with the tools they need to perform better and maximize their potential. In [...]

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The Challenge of Organisational Agility

It is important to know that agility is not limited to technological actions, as commonly believed; it must be accompanied by major behavioural changes as well as skills tied to accepting change for ensuring the sustainability of these actions. In addition, we must mention the pandemic that has accelerated many transformation processes.  Agile Management   In other publications, we discussed Agile Management as a project management methodology that develops creative work teams, [...]

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