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Engaged employee, accountable team

We recently discovered that accountability focuses on talent development in organisations, and that it defines the leader’s ability to take responsibility for results in an autonomous way. However, the application of this tool in every organisation is essential for whatever company goals and size, since it leads to great results. The only way that you can reach high execution levels [...]

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Accountability: more responsible teams

Accountability: more responsible teams The need to have more agile and flexible organisations demands companies to develop team accountability. The concept focuses on talent development in organisations. It defines the ability of leaders to be responsible for results in an autonomous way. At the same time, this term refers to the culture or value reflected on each company’s philosophy. Leaders [...]

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Employee Experience for all

Creating positive experiences through Employee Experience makes it possible to build a more productive organisational culture, with a more pleasant work environment and happier work teams.   With this in mind, the number one private firm of professional services worldwide, Deloitte, in their article “From Employee Experience to Human Experience” (United States, 2019), shares the following advice to improve these strategies:  Each employee [...]

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Employee Experience: employee perspective of the organisation

As individuals, we evaluate our interactions with our surroundings everyday: family time, meetings at work, recreational activities, get-togethers with friends, gym, etc. But what factors influence our experience inside an organisation?  The answer to that question has to do with how we are treated, the environment, our well-being, and the behaviour at and towards the company: all of this is part of what is known as Employee Experience [...]

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How to strengthen soft skills

In our previous post, we mentioned that soft skills are protagonists in our current positions. According to LinkedIn, these are: the ability to solve problems, reasoning, creativity, leadership, coordination, emotional intelligence, and others. In this sense, soft skills are thought to be unmeasurable, unteachable, and unimportant. The following video challenges each of these assumptions. From the Ancient Greeks to today’s [...]

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SOFT SKILLS make the difference

The study on the most in-demand skills of 2019 published by LinkedIn (2019, Spain) shows a division into two categories: hard and soft skills. In this post, we still discuss the impact of hard and soft skills and their impact on gaining recognition in a position. Soft skills can be defined as those that cannot be easily defined or measured; they [...]

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