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Identifying a position’s behavioural requirements (JOB Profile) consists of assigning a specific behavioural profile to a position as a starting point for different HR areas (Selection, Training, Development, etc..) Such identification may allow analyzing if current profiles have the specific skills identified as necessary by the organisations and work on the job profile professionalisation.

PDA 360 is an online application developed for managing a 360-degree survey. It is intuitive, dynamic and adaptable to different Competency Models.

MyPDACoach is an online application developed for strengthening conventional coaching processes based on the information provided by the PDA Assessment. This application complements and supports coaches and coaches. MyPDACoach is a change accelerator.

Customization of competencies in PDA language leads to valuable compatibility studies between the behavioural style of the individual and the organisational competency model. Moreover, it allows designing and carrying out specific programmes that help employees develop and empower “key” competencies.

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