The PDA (Personal Development Analysis) through a simple, precise and scientifically proven methodology allows to describe and analyze the behavioral profile of the people. It also allows assessing the behavioral needs of a position and generating detailed compatibilities applicable in the different human resources processes. The PDA Assessment does not qualify behavioral profiles as “good or bad.” The PDA describes the behavioral characteristics of the evaluated person. With the PDA, Compatibility Studies between people and positions can also be created. These studies reveal the abilities and possible difficulties of the person to exercise this position.

ORGANIZATIONS: to identify, develop and/or retain talent. This tool is utilized by most of the leading companies ranked on Great Place to Work.

HR CONSULTING COMPANIES: incorporate a new product into your portfolio, add value to your services, and generate consulting projects based on the psychometric tool.

PEOPLE: in order to understand their strengths and developmental areas to improve career prospects, current and future job performance and relationships with colleagues, and superiors.

PDA International is committed to maintaining the highest standards of instrument development and application through careful research and development processes. PDA Assessment offers valid scores and accurate feedback to the respondent. Is designed to provide reasonably accurate interpretations or feedback based on individual scores. Intense research and rigorous validation studies have made PDA Psychometric Assessments a product HR Consultants and professionals can confidently use in business, non-profit, coaching or counseling situations. Research studies additional information are publicly available here.

“Life skills”
“Life skills” are defined as psychosocial abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. They are loosely grouped into three broad categories of skills: cognitive skills for analyzing and using information, personal skills for developing personal agency and managing oneself, and inter-personal skills for communicating and interacting effectively with others.

People Evaluated
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Identifying a position’s behavioural requirements (JOB Profile) consists of assigning a specific behavioural profile to a position as a starting point for different HR areas (Selection, Training, Development, etc..) Such identification may allow analyzing if current profiles have the specific skills identified as necessary by the organisations and work on the job profile professionalisation.

The PDA 360° Feedback is a quantitative-qualitative assessment of the competencies —skills, behaviours and attitudes— required for a particular position. This assessment included input from the assessee (you) and a group of assessors (co-workers, collaborators, supervisors, etc.), who were specially selected to provide their opinions and comments on your demonstration of the competencies assessed.
This report provides access to different views of the results (graphs, tables, gap analysis) from the assessment process carried out to help you identify your strengths and opportunity aresas in the competencies analysed.

At PDA International we have developed MyPDACoach, an online instrument that complements and strengthens traditional self-development and coaching processes with the information provided by the PDA Assessment.

During the six weeks of the process,MyPDACoach helps individuals incorporate high impact behaviours that lead to individual and team success. Behavioural change is possible. MyPDACoach will turn you into an agent of change.

Customization of competencies in PDA language leads to valuable compatibility studies between the behavioural style of the individual and the organisational competency model. Moreover, it allows designing and carrying out specific programmes that help employees develop and empower “key” competencies.

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