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Do you have effective communication with your colleagues?


8 No sign of effective communication at work To succeed at work, you need more than your job skills; you need to have a good and effective relationship with your colleagues; especially, you need to know what your bosses are. You may have a lot of skills in your own career, but if you do not have effective [...]

4th secret for the interpretation of body language


How important is the interpretation of body language? Does it know that 55% of what you are transmitting when speaking is through the interpretation of body language. In fact, when you talk about an emotional topic, only about 7% of what someone else is hearing is transmitted using words. Also, you can often tell only what you think [...]

4 important recommendations for successful people in business


4 important recommendations of human beings 4 important recommendations of successful people in business What are the secrets of success? It is true that successful people work hard, but if someone works hard in the area of ​​his career, he will succeed? If you work more and more, do not you feel depressed? So what is the answer [...]



Revealing the reality within you with body language The body language is much older and more intrusive than speech for humans. According to Professor Albert Mehrabyan, in the "Silent Messages", 55 percent of communication occurs through body language. As soon as you see you, people will have an intuitive understanding of the body that shapes, approves, or changes [...]

Effective communication solutions


A huge part of life is about connecting with other people. The simplest definition we can have for communication between people is the exchange of information, thought, and feelings between two human units through existing tools. The problem that many of us have a lot of problems. For example, when we talk about stress, we can not listen [...]

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