Project Description

Dress up model
Does the dress model have an impact on success? The world of fashion and clothing is changing rapidly, and this is only for the benefit of those who work in the fashion industry. Recently, in order to raise social awareness, a movement called “wardrobe movement” has been formed by some prominent people to apply simple principles to change their appearances. But some people outside of this movement say that when we have the financial capability to buy new clothes, why wear similar clothes every day!
If you are curious to know why successful people always wear the same clothes, and if you are interested, know the reason for the formation of this movement, follow us with you.

Less decisions
Decision fatigue refers to situations in which a person does not make appropriate decisions after a long period of decision-making. People who take important decisions every day, eliminating one of these decisions (choosing a dress model in the morning) gives them a better chance of being mentored and more productive for other decisions. For this reason, President Barack Obama wears a limited amount of clothing: I see that I wear gray or blue trousers every day; I do not want to decide on the type of clothing and clothes to eat, because there are other important things to decide on. Mark Zuckerberg also has a similar vision to Obama. A quick and easy decision for minor issues (clothing model) leads to better decisions for more important issues.

Wasting less time

Until we remove some issues from life, we do not know how time consuming they are. But immediately after eliminating time-consuming issues (choosing clothes), we will have more opportunity and freedom to do more important things. Joshua Becker says that I met 333 Project 333 5 years ago, where you can wear 33 pieces of clothing for 3 months. This project is very simple and useful, and the biggest benefit is the gift of time to you. With this project, you can get ready faster and easier in the morning.

Less stress
Matilda Kahl, director at New York City, describes the decision-making fatigue and time spent preparing for his reasons for wearing simple and uniform clothes. He adds that with his work he wears less stress in the morning: is this dress very formal? Is that one very short? This one is so cool? Almost always regret after choosing a dress after going out of the house. But now wearing her simple clothes she feels less stressed throughout the day.

Less waste of energy
Christopher Nolan has made the most successful 21st Century films. According to the New York Times magazine, she noticed a long time ago wearing new clothes everyday, wasting energy. Now she wears black pants, blue shirts and casual shoes every day. In Christopher’s wardrobe, not only makes choices hard when dressed, but also requires more care.

The world of Barahona is a young mother in Dallas, Texas. Last spring, she changed her large wardrobe to a small comedy of her beloved clothes. She says: Before that, the dimness was like a cluttered factory; many of the clothes I wore were different and did not fit together. But now my wardrobe is very tidy and although I have fewer choices, but I’m sure all the things I wear are beautiful and attractive, and not only have a better look but also a better feel.

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Less cost
Often our wardrobe is full of clothes and shoes that they have been bought but not worn. American families cost an average of $ 1,700 per year to buy clothes; perhaps not much, but many of these purchases are not necessary at all. In 1930, every American woman had an average of 9 dresses, but today it has changed to 30, that is, every dress for one day of the month. Having a limited number of clothes, in addition to saving time and energy, also reduces the cost of buying clothes.

More calm
Drew Barrymore, about her sense of dress, says: “It’s almost 40 years old, and now 20-year-old clothes are not suitable for my age, and with 2 children from 30-year-old clothes, I’m not wearing clothes.” Drew tried to restrict his wardrobe and carefully choose and buy any clothing. After a few months now, her wardrobe is simple and joyful, and choosing a dress for her is no longer a big challenge.