Project Description

If you think I’m going to tell you how to make a machine and make the mistake of traveling to the next and the past!
I intend to briefly tell you how to make better use of your time and manage it more effectively. If you are the only one who always slow down or do a lot of backlog work on your job list, which makes you feel uncomfortable, you may read this.

Prioritize how to manage your work effectively, decide what to do, and which one to put aside, to help you grow your personal life by doing something more important.
The first step in this way is to create a motive, which means that having a good reason that will give us time management will allow you to have timely management, the energy needed to do so, then Take it seriously and think about it! After providing a strong impetus, we need to believe in a few key points that we ourselves are our own lives, no one else, or we accept that our failures without we want to put it on others and then From acceptance, to compensate it for the success of our movement, in fact we must be far away from our positive minds in all situations even in the face of frustrations.

The next step is targeting, this will keep us from continuing, the goals must be clear and measurable, and not excessive and cautious, and, in order to achieve our goals, it should be possible, in fact, to It is clear that we will add value to them after reaching them .

In the next step, these goals must be broken down into certain smaller jobs, which is good because we clearly know what to do and also after doing each of these small tasks to continue energy work.

After crushing the goals into tasks, we must prioritize these small tasks and, in the works that have the most impact on the goals, we can apply rules 02 to 08. We want to choose the minimum work that will advance us to 08%. To prioritize, we can use the Eisenhower Matrix.

To do the right things more important, we need to overcome any obstacle to decentralization, such as inappropriate environment, violence, hunger and bouncing, or anything else. We need to categorize our work based on the need for focus and to do it alternately to get more benefit .

Another thing that helps us do the right things is to replace the wrong things, there are simple ways to get rid of it from work to giving or executing others quickly .

Another factor that causes our work to not be done in a timely manner is the inability to respond to the requests of others, we must be able to say “no” to others properly by training and learning .

If you are a part of those who really are busy and all your work is important and can not be eliminated, you can make some of them very important and important to carry out others. They may not be able to do it well, but if they are able to end it with acceptable quality with a little help from you, it will be closer to your goals.

The last is the “wait time management”, when you are trapped in traffic jams, or on a bus or subway waiting to reach your destination or sitting in the doctor’s office to get your turn, if you can schedule this time by planning At least it’s great, but if it’s not possible, you can transfer part of your tasks such as learning, reading, calling, etc., checking emails, and more.