Project Description

What is the sixth sense?
The sixth sense or instinct is a feeling that we know what we know but we do not know the reason for knowing it; this knowledge is not based on conscious thinking and we can hardly speak this feeling. Psychologists define the sixth sense as the “unconscious communication process.” According to psychological research, the sixth sense guides us in some decisions. For example, the sixth sense is very important in the following cases:

Extensive information: When there is a lot of information in a given context that needs to be understood consciously.
Lack of time: If there is not enough time to solve the problem logically.
Environmental Signs: When a sign of the surrounding environment engages our minds in a new way (situational awareness).

Research suggests that doctors sometimes get their sixth sense for medical decisions; when they show signs of controversy in symptoms, symptoms and tests, they are helping their sixth sense. In the same way, we can use our feelings in life.

How to strengthen our sixth sense?
When we have a lot of experience in our work, our sixth sense becomes stronger and more reliable. In the examples mentioned above, the driver and doctors used their sixth sense in cases where they had a lot of experience; the Formula One driver participated in many competitions, and doctors are familiar with the symptoms and therapies of many patients. In other words, the more you have a more experienced experience, the more confidently you can follow your sixth sense. The sixth sense is not effective in issues that have little experience and do not know about them.

Increasing awareness
As we said before, the more our knowledge and consciousness is, the more easily we can trust our sixth sense. Sometimes this feeling is accompanied by physical symptoms such as increased heart rate and respiration; therefore, when our minds assess the condition, knowledge of physical changes is effective in examining that condition. Exercise such as yoga and meditation can increase awareness of the body. The mind is not limited to the brain, but the whole nervous system is connected with the mind; therefore, many emotions and emotions have a physical appearance, so we need to pay attention to our body to understand what happens to us.