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Methods of increasing the force of mind : 4 Secret Divers
Do you know how divers are struggling with the strength of minds with difficult situations? You know, when the whole world is watching Olympic athletes, how do they endure the pressure and stress of the competition? All of them do the same things in these situations. We can learn the methods that these people use and use them in hard work and life.

1. Take the words seriously
Your brain is always working. It’s estimated to be about 300 to 1000 words per minute. Now, is it not possible for minds to depend on words? Divers and athletes say that you have to say the words that you say are positive (you have to say good things to yourself).

Divers do this in critical conditions, why is it bad? Let me tell you one of the divers’s exercises:

Imagine swimming with underwater breathing apparatus, suddenly one of the coaches who swims behind you removes the breathing mask from your mouth, you can no longer breathe. Then the instructor connects the oxygen hose. Your brain begins to say, “You’re dying.” But you need to stay calm and stay under water, and get back to oxygen until you can breathe. And this happens over the course of 20 minutes. Welcome to the horrible world of diving skills. “You are trying 4 times to recover oxygen because you need it. Of all five people, only one person can do this at first. The danger here is terrible, but divers can not be afraid even when they can not breathe. They should think positively and calm down.

The power of your mind depends on the words you say.

2. Set the goal
You hear this a lot, but you probably will not do it.

The study on Olympic athletes has shown that these athletes have daily goals. They know what to do every day, every intense exercise, every step of the work or any interruption. They are determined to do this and they are fully committed to doing it.

The divers have also been targeted, trained. When their muscles tell them they surrender, their goals do not surrender and continue to work. So why can not you set a goal? The biggest problem that many people have in this area is that they always choose very long and large goals; most of your goals should be simple and small. Idealism too has no advantage.

But this is not enough to tackle your problem with targeting. So if you have such a problem, it is better to see the course “Change the Way of Life” by Mohammad Reza Shaban Ali.

The power of your mind is completely dependent on the right choice of goals

3. Hear the imagination
Close your eyes, bring the biggest challenge and problem you have in mind, imagine every step of it. Stupid looks Maybe; but if you want the power of mind, do it all the time.

The study of Olympic athletes has shown that these athletes have a high visualization and use it every day. They make technical adjustments to get the most out of practice while practicing and use visualization to achieve their ultimate goal. Divers also do the same: to increase the power of the mind, they are taught to make themselves felt successful in their work.

If your surroundings say “do not imagine so much, look at the facts” instead of being influenced by them, remember that your imagination will shape your future. And rejoice in imagination again.

4. Simulate
Thinking is very good because you can do it anywhere you like, but if you want to maximize the power of your mind, you need to get as close to reality as possible.

The study of Olympic athletes shows that these athletes spend a lot of time teaching simulations. They do their exercises as if they were in a race, they often wear racing uniforms and are preparing for training as they prepare for the race.

Divers do not even imagine. Colonel Mike Kenny in a military sentence says, “Practice as if you really are fighting. Never say that we are fighting seriously when it comes. You have to do it right now. “You need to work as hard as you can.