Project Description

Time management in today’s busy world
It seems that these days, most of us are busy, have a lot of jobs and we always have not enough time. But does this improve our lives and improve our lives? Absolutely not. Statistics show that 75% of parents are so busy that they do not have enough time to spend their time with their children. Also, 33% of Americans have severe daily stress, and about 50% of them can not sleep because of stress at night. All this stuff is not enough due to lack of time.

Joshua Becker, one of the successful writers who managed the right time, says that we all can manage time with time and have enough time to do our work. From our point of view, we choose to be busy; we decide that we have a lot of things to do and not have enough time; no one will force us to choose this style, but this is our decision. The first and most important step in managing time is to determine our own plan for our lives. So we do not have to choose a lifestyle that we do not have time to do.

Becker is never an exuberant. “The lack of time is not a sign of pride, in fact, it limits our true potential,” he says. So repeat the sentence: “I’m not very busy enough.”

On the other hand, Becker plans for a break and says that one of the reasons that many of us are always busy is that we do not know the value of resting, but resting is beneficial for our body, mind and soul. She devotes her time to rest and family once a week, and notes it in her calendar and works at any cost.

Becker knows his priorities in life and identifies them and follows them. He says once again set things that are important to you in life and plan your time to do it. Getting busy makes you forget your priorities in life.

Our property takes time and energy more than we think, because we have enough time to care for them. Becker says the more devices and things we have, the more time they need to hold. As a result, if you have fewer devices, you will have more time.

The prenumerator of the morning before the day begins to work, relaxes somewhere, or does meditation and yoga. He assigns time to rest between work projects during the day and recommends short moments and a quiet moment to get away from busy days.

Becker knows when to say “no” and the value of the word “no”. He always remembers Seneca’s sentence “If anyone is busy with a lot of work, he can not do anything successfully.” He says you learn to say “no” to small and trivial things, because doing so will take you more time to do more.