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How important is the interpretation of body language?
Does it know that 55% of what you are transmitting when speaking is through the interpretation of body language. In fact, when you talk about an emotional topic, only about 7% of what someone else is hearing is transmitted using words. Also, you can often tell only what you think about looking at the hands of a politician. According to research, you can often evaluate people with a precision of 70% in just 5 minutes, but sometimes we may get mistaken, and this 30% can cost us a lot.

In the following, we will look at what researches about the interpretation of body language can tell us?

1. What are you doing wrong?
In the book “The Silence of the Rulers: How Body Language Can Help or Damage Your Leadership”, the author refers to several common mistakes.

A) Avoiding Situation: If the room is cold or that people are sitting in a chair without a handle, it does not make sense to have a breast. Everything must be consistent with the general understanding of environmental conditions.

B) Not looking for a set of behaviors: One of the biggest mistakes of people is that they are looking for specific words, but in real life, a set of things (sweating, face-to-face, and stuttering) all come together You say

C) Unbalance: If a person is always restless and nervous, this restlessness does not show you anything special. But if someone is always restless and nervous and suddenly calms down, this sudden calm indicates something.

D) Unaware of prejudices: If you like someone or you do not like it, this may affect your judgment about that person. If someone defines you, or is like you, or an attractive person, all of this may unconsciously affect your judgment. I know you will not get these mistakes, but the biggest mistake is that you think you are neutral.

2. Focus on what
What signs should or can be made to interpret a person’s body language? We must pay attention to unconscious behaviors that are not easily controlled and transmit a clear message.

In the book “Honest Signs: How These Signs Form Our World”, the author pointed out three things that we should pay attention to:

Speech imitation and behavioral imitation: Do the other party use the same words you use? With the same speed and song as you speak? Like you sit down A delicate and unconscious game of immitating the boss is going on? This is a sign that someone else is emotionally synchronizing with you. This behavior may be fictitious, but rarely and hardly continues in these situations.

Activity Level: As a general rule, activity is a measure of interest and excitement (often when a woman takes a long and energetic step, ie, to a man who is with her).

Confirmation of Stability and Scheduling: This is a sign of concentration and control. Those who are less stable are very uncertain about themselves and are more affected.

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3- Attention to detail

Research shows that often some details are appropriate indications. It’s not a good sign when it comes to negotiating.

Putting your legs together can have a devastating effect on the negotiations. The authors of “How to read someone like a book”, Gerald Aignirenberg and Henry E. Hullerroo, have shown that when both negotiators do not put their legs together, the number of times that negotiations reach the desired results greatly increase. In fact, they found that out of every two thousand video-related deals, if only one of the negotiators put their legs together, the negotiation would not come to a conclusion.

There are a number of steady behaviors among people trying to deceive you.

“Many times these four symptoms have been seen: hand touching, touching the face, holding hands, and leaning,” says Wray Herbert. None of these signs alone predict deception, but if they are seen together, they will transmit the exact message. In most cases, those using this set of moves are more unreliable in subsequent financial transactions.

Who to trust? Look for people who continually express their emotions with body language: the results show that the emotional expression of all emotions can be a more reliable indication of the participation of individuals than the only showing of positive emotions

Remember that women and men have different body language. To learn the signs that introduce you without your being aware.

4. How to better interpret body language

First of all, pay attention to everything. This is a very clear point, but you probably will not do this continuously during a conversation.

The movements are changing, especially when you are dealing with someone who is constantly trying to deceive you. If they do not act very well, the contradictions will increase (leak) and you will notice their real feelings.

By addressing the four weaknesses mentioned in the “silence of the rulers”, you are developing significantly:

Checking the condition: Does anyone in this situation act like this?

Pay attention to the set of actions, not separate work: are all these behaviors (sweating, knocking, stuttering) with other things?

Basics of behavior: How do they usually behave?

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