MyPDACoach is an online application that, together with the PDA Report and PDA Feedback, strengthens and consolidates coaching processes by accompanying  Coachees during their skills development process.

The platform and the MPC Coach will send emails with topics, notes, advice, activities and motivational material to help coachees keep up their willingness to continue to work on the behavioural changes that will favour their success.

The Client can choose the competencies for the process:

Option 1: PDA International competencies (attached image)

Option 2: Customised competencies

Suggestions for the MPC Coach

First, the participant completes his or her PDA Assessment. Then, the MPC Coach and the Coachee meet for the Individual PDA Feedback session. In this session, the MPC Coach presents and introduces MyPDACoach and coaches the person to make the correct selection of the competency to work during the following 6 weeks.

The MPC Coach will meet with coachees at the starting point, half-way and at the end of the process – in person or remotely. They’ll schedule a number of sessions to provide and receive the coaching necessary to ensure the success of the process

PDA highly recommends that MPC Coaches are certified PDA Analysts.

The MPC Coach will dedicate weekly time to follow-up on his or her coachees in relation to:

their commitment level – viewed in the MPC platform;

sending additional material via email;

preparing sessions with coachees;

designing actions to encourage the commitment level of coachees

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