Reverse Mentoring According to Experts

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Learning about Reverse Mentoring (i.e., involving younger employees to guide experienced workers in different fields) places us in a new direction, not only as decision makers within the company, but also in the mindset to approach our goals.   For this reason, we invite you to watch these TEDx Talks in which the experts provide us with more information about this topic:    TheRoadto Imagination and Creativity? About [...]

Reverse Mentoring: It is the Turn of Younger Employees

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Let’s accept it, the world has changed and, therefore, one of the major business trends consists of involving younger employees to guide experienced workers in different fields. This modality undoubtedly reverses the natural order that has followed the master-disciple bond.  In the 1990s, entrepreneur Jack Welch made reference to the dynamics of learning for General Electric based [...]