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What do Millennials want?

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One of the valuable actions of any Human Resources department is to analyse the people involved in an organisation: understand that their needs vary and are not linear. This concern to understand all the stakeholders thoroughly enables highly customised actions, that are bound to be much more effective. It is no coincidence that market research has [...]

The significance of leaders in Organisational Culture

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An employee’s perception of their organisation directly influences their motivation and, therefore, their performance in their daily tasks. If an employee sees that there are opportunities for professional growth within the company, they will feel more motivated when facing challenges that arise. It is true that there is much to be done in terms of organisational [...]

How Organisational Culture influences employee behaviour

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When talking about organisational culture, we may find that we are unclear about what this concept encompasses. For a long time, consciously or not, we have underestimated the importance of establishing an identity within the organisation; it is an intangible aspect that actively transforms tangible results at the company. Fortunately, talent managers and human resources consultants, [...]

What is self-leadership?

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They say that a good leader is able to strengthen the skills of each team member. However, sometimes we leave out an element that is equal to or more important than this one: self-leadership. People who are self-managed usually make their own decisions to achieve their goals and objectives. In today’s world, this skill is typical of [...]

The organisation we all want to work for

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Earlier we discussed the importance of the work environment in employee productivity and how it indeed influences their commitment to the team along with the recognition and sense of belonging to the organisation. In this article we want to talk about the factors that should be taken into account and that contribute to building a positive [...]

Increase productivity with happier employees

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The concepts “organisational culture” and “employee wellbeing” although they are different, are related to each other. One deals with how workers perceive the organisation while the other evaluates their satisfaction in the company. Building a positive organisational culture promotes effective conflict management, attitude to innovation and teamwork. At the same time, a well-motivated and consolidated team [...]

The 3 basic ingredients of transparency

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Earlier we spoke about transparency as an organization value. Now is a good time to understand what is required for an organization to be considered transparent. Internal Communication Firstly, we know that internal communication works as a tool to exert transparency. Furthermore, it is the solution to any uncertainty of who works with and for the company, [...]

Transparency as an organisational value

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For many years transparency has been thought of as an attribute that organizations use to showcase their accountability or an action that is more tied to legal and administrative terms than to anything else. However, with the development of new trends in organizational culture, it has been assimilated as an organizational value. Simply put, this principle [...]

Reach your goals with an effective team

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An effective team works towards the achievement of a specific objective which will benefit the organisation and its members. A survey by the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) in  2016 shows that 52.3% of young people think teamwork is the most sought characteristic in an organisation, followed by communicative ability (33.3%) and creativity (14.4%). When a [...]

Discover how to create your company’s culture

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Organisational culture is made up of the differing views of members, its image, reputation, and the symbols that represent it; values that help employees identify with the company, in turn improving retention. Tackling this subject is no small feat, and implementing organisational culture can be quite complex. This blog article will show you how it’s done, [...]