Getting a Jump on the Future: conceiving education for the jobs of tomorrow

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Riding on your mother’s back while she gathered food for dinner was the schooling of our ancestors. The task of educating, in the infancy of civilization, mainly served to pass down a tribe’s discovered methods of survival from one generation to the next.  And, if we take a moment to think about this, we actually haven’t [...]

Organisations focused on training their employees

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While the business world moves quickly while facing new challenges every day, individuals working in the human resource management department must adapt to new parameters: speed, transparency, and experience for making more global, complex and agile decisions. According to the Observatory of Human Resources in Spain, organisations are most likely to measure the impact of their [...]

New organisational learning models

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For organisations to invest in learning is not a simple task, since it is focused on meeting the individual needs of employees and not on a direct profit-making strategy. However, fostering knowledge in organisations strengthens the construction of beliefs that impact on organisational culture. With respect to an idea that adds cognitive components (the way of [...]