Organisations that become change accelerators

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When company leaders cultivate a change-oriented mindset in their teams, all the pieces of the operating system tend to be influenced by the emergence of a successful agile work model. In this article, we will discuss a few cases of organisations that decided to adopt this mindset. Kellogg, well-being from the inside out. Kellogg promotes values [...]

Change accelerators, a challenge to the organisational status quo

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When we talk about change, we talk about transformation, and in order to successfully achieve a profound transformation in an organisation we need people who are willing to act as advocates and change accelerators. In order to facilitate change, we need true leaders that advocate for change: this requires willingness, commitment and creativity to propose and [...]

Change within organisations

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Change within organisations is a topic that triggers debate because it demands a profound transformation in people and teams. Every change process requires recognition of strengths and opportunities for improvement, but it can also mean that conflicts may arise. Change, like any human process, contains various factors that can hinder the success of the process and [...]