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More flexible organisations

Flexible work opportunities have a wide range of benefits (especially in this VUCA environment), for all members of an organisation, regardless of rank.  Some of the characteristics of flexible organisations are:  Improvements in adapting the hiring model, adjusting it to the company’s reality at that moment, reducing risk.  Cost reduction. An employee that works from home one day a week [...]

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Digital transformation is not an option, it’s the only option

In recent years, the digital world has been transforming not only the way we live, work, lead and communicate, but also how we run our businesses. This digital transformation is not an option, it’s the only option.  Agile Management at the organisation  This methodology is based on a leadership style that brings together teams so that they work with the objective of [...]

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How to build a Great Employee Experience

Creating positive experiences through Employee Experience allows building a more productive organisational culture, with a more pleasant work environment and happier work teams.    With this in mind, the number one private firm of professional services worldwide, Deloitte, shared the following advice to improve these strategies in their article “From Employee Experience to Human Experience” (United States, 2019):   Each employee is our [...]

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When the only option is virtual recruitment

The new processes of online talent attraction are a consequence of the digital disruption we’re currently experiencing. With Virtual Recruitment different platforms are used to contact potential candidates who could fill a vacant position in the organisation.  We’re more than just our CV  When the Human Resources department decides to set in motion a Virtual Recruitment process, your digital footprint will be taken into account together with [...]

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What we learned organising #HRDay The New Normal

We recently had an extraordinary experience: we hosted a digital event for over ten thousand people, with over 30 speakers and participants as diverse as the places they connected from; this challenge to celebrate International Human Resources Day was prepared for English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese speakers.  Today we want to share, with a badge (of pride) on our chests, the lessons this event [...]

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HRDay The New Normal: talent management celebration

More than 35 international speakers met online to celebrate Human Resources day. May 20 was International Human Resources Day, created to celebrate professionals that every day give their best to encourage development, training, healthy work environments and friendly cultures, aiming at a good employee experience so that people can discover and achieve their purpose in a work environment.  PDA International decided to make the difference this year and celebrate an [...]

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