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New organisational learning models

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For organisations to invest in learning is not a simple task, since it is focused on meeting the individual needs of employees and not on a direct profit-making strategy. However, fostering knowledge in organisations strengthens the construction of beliefs that impact on organisational culture. With respect to an idea that adds cognitive components (the way of [...]

Motivation and organisational culture

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The culture of an organization is an intangible aspect that transforms the tangible results of the organization itself. By doing so, culture becomes a key asset in achieving organizational goals. Fortunately, talent managers and human resources consultants, even some team leaders, understand the value of the role of culture within an organization’s internal strategy and how [...]

I chose the wrong career. What do I do?

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There are many factors that can cause discontent on the job. One common cause is not having chosen the right profession: this affects productivity, motivation, stress, personal satisfaction and an unfailing shift in the direction of your career. Deciding to change our professional path involves a series of financial and emotional costs, as well as a [...]

Increase your competitiveness with work flexibility

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Other trends that are gaining popularity in the talent management field are those focused on work flexibility, aimed at the incentive of emotional salary. According to the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the term “flexible work” describes a type of work agreement that provides for a certain degree of flexibility with regard to [...]

Job Carving: customized job positions, happy workers

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In the corporate world, digitalization and faster working methods require us to stay up-to-date on trends that allow us to reformulate habits, activities and keep motivation high. One of them is Job Carving, a new term that means personalizing work duties. It can be used in different work situations: To create specific job positions, freeing up [...]

From personal crisis to self-awareness

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At some point in our lives, we all go through situations that destabilize us, defining a turning point. The difficulties end up being a wake-up call to indicate that something isn’t right and that we should review how we do what we do. This gives way to the need for change, which is natural and inescapable in [...]

Organizations demand to be increasingly diverse

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At present, it is necessary that values ​​such as equity and inclusion do not remain as an initiative, for that they must be seen as a strategic asset of the organization with a great impact on cultural change. Buenos Aires, July 2019 - New trends in talent management seek to adapt to the demands of today's [...]

Organisational cultures for Millennials

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Much has been said about how Millennials behave and the characteristics that define them. However, for organisations and talent managers it is more profitable to adapt their cultures by aiming at integration and multigenerational development. To learn more about what Millennials want to click here Therefore, based on the Deloitte study, The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019, we [...]

What do Millennials want?

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One of the valuable actions of any Human Resources department is to analyse the people involved in an organisation: understand that their needs vary and are not linear. This concern to understand all the stakeholders thoroughly enables highly customised actions, that are bound to be much more effective. It is no coincidence that market research has [...]