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Procrastination: risk of flight

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When we speak of procrastination, we refer to postponing or putting off tasks, duties, and responsibilities for other activities that are more rewarding yet, at the same time, are more irrelevant. Employees who do not feel motivated in their workplaces find procrastination to be an escape and, consequently, their daily productivity declines. The organisational challenge is [...]

How to overcome employee demotivation

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Talent drain has its origin in the inadequate management of human capital: the lack of understanding causes the abandonment of thousands of jobs a year that could have possibly been avoided. Many times imperative leadership methodologies are used. In this sense, the 2018 The Global Talent Competitiveness Index report pointed out that turnover in companies worldwide exceeded 10% on [...]

Self-awareness, the key to success in vocational choice

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By being aware of ourselves, we will be able to build a plan based on our characteristics, strengths and talents. We can focus on being integrally satisfied with our life. In this sense, knowing what our vocation is comes into play as the first step to choosing our profession. Vocation is nothing more than the process [...]

Design Thinking: a trend for innovation

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Design Thinking began in order to eradicate an old paradigm of thinking when it comes to projects. The premise of this methodology is to focus on people in order to propose solutions that satisfy customers at every stage of the process with immediate actions. Essentially, it is about putting oneself in the shoes of users and/or [...]

The significance of leaders in Organisational Culture

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An employee’s perception of their organisation directly influences their motivation and, therefore, their performance in their daily tasks. If an employee sees that there are opportunities for professional growth within the company, they will feel more motivated when facing challenges that arise. It is true that there is much to be done in terms of organisational [...]

Know your leadership style!

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Organisations are believed to be a decision system where their members must face the possible alternatives to choose the one that best suits their needs and resources. Learn how the PDA Assessment paves the way for this process. In today’s world of business and personal life, knowing how to self-manage oneself will be essential to achieving success and [...]

How Organisational Culture influences employee behaviour

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When talking about organisational culture, we may find that we are unclear about what this concept encompasses. For a long time, consciously or not, we have underestimated the importance of establishing an identity within the organisation; it is an intangible aspect that actively transforms tangible results at the company. Fortunately, talent managers and human resources consultants, [...]

What is self-leadership?

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They say that a good leader is able to strengthen the skills of each team member. However, sometimes we leave out an element that is equal to or more important than this one: self-leadership. People who are self-managed usually make their own decisions to achieve their goals and objectives. In today’s world, this skill is typical of [...]

The organisation we all want to work for

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Earlier we discussed the importance of the work environment in employee productivity and how it indeed influences their commitment to the team along with the recognition and sense of belonging to the organisation. In this article we want to talk about the factors that should be taken into account and that contribute to building a positive [...]